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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hold on to your hats. This post incorporates two of my favorite things. Thanksgiving leftovers and Friends. This is my absolute favorite recipe to use Thanksgiving leftovers. This is the exact reason that I did a Thanksgiving feast after the day was already over. Purely for my own selfish purposes. I am ashamed. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with...the MoistMaker.

If you have the feeling that you've heard that somewhere before - it might be because you have. It was the basis for an entire episode of Friends. Ross Gellar was put on sabbatical after yelling at his boss for eating his sandwich from the work refrigerator. It was the only thing that was good in his life, can you blame him? The theory behind this sandwich is very simple - give it a try. You might just find yourself suffering from severe aggression when you realize that you're out of leftovers. 

3 slices of bread
Cranberry sauce

Heat up the gravy in a small pot over medium to low heat, or microwave it. For a hot sandwich, put the turkey and stuffing in another pan with a little bit of water over medium to low heat or microwave them, otherwise you can begin layering.

Lay out two slices of bread, and spread the cranberry sauce as you would any other condiment on both slices. Pile the turkey on one slice. Once the gravy is reheated, dunk the third slice of bread in it entirely, so that it soaks up the gravy like a sponge. Lovingly place the moist maker on top of the turkey, then add the stuffing and close up the sandwich with the other slice of bead. Use toothpicks for support and beware of theft.

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