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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our (Never Too Late) Thanksgiving

Before Thanksgiving, I asked my students to write recipes with memories instead of actual food that remind them of Thanksgiving. I told them I'd love 5 pounds of my mom's stuffing because I love it, but a dash of some of the other dishes that are cooked. I want to host Thanksgiving. It is my goal next year to host. 

Something you need to know about me - I have a certain level of anxiety when it comes to hosting. I am slowly working up the confidence with each passing birthday, Mother's Day, and other family functions. This meal was my test run of sorts - to work out the timing. If I botched it up, who would know? No one. Except me, and now all of you - which meant that I must have passed and test and did it without melting into a puddle on the floor. 

I chose to make this meal pretty traditional because the real Thanksgiving was missed - with some non-traditional components. Mostly non-traditional when it comes to the dessert. Only because I wanted to chocolate. Our menu is listed below. Instead of posting about each new component, I will include a link as I complete the posts. This way, we can move on to Christmas cookies. Now, if you will excuse me...I feel the intense need for a cardio workout. We'll see you tomorrow for my favorite post-Thanksgiving leftover recipe. 

Deviled eggs

Main Course

Pan Gravy
Candied sweet potatoes

Chocolate cream pie

I had made a sweet potato layer cake, but the cake burnt in the oven. Oh well, there's always next year. 

Happy Never-too-late-giving, one and all!  

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