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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prediction Cupcakes

Of all the things I love about my job. I especially love teaching science. Last year, I was selected to attend a conference for science teachers held by the NSTA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I gathered a ton of materials and teaching ideas that I brought back to share with my colleagues. I also made a few wonderful friends along the way. As part of my scholarship, I am required to teach two presentations a year and share my favorite activities from the trip with others. This past Monday, I used one of my oldie favorites that the students have always loved. You remember the teacher that always used to bring in treats and you know you loved them!  

I have started a new label, kids in the kitchen. I teach a lot about health and nutrition in my science classes. Today, the students are performing an experiment called Wearable Fruit. Needless to say, I will blog about it here once I have the finished product. Say, Friday, perhaps. So by all means come back on Friday to see a wonderful way to get students and kids in the kitchen. 

These cupcakes really are more of a process than a recipe and are super simple. I used boxed cake mix as I was in a time crunch. I divided the batter into two bowls. I dyed one half green and the other half purple. Barney theme song -- anyone? Then, I filled cupcake liners to 2/3 full mixing up the colors as I was filling. I baked them according to package directions and you can see the beautiful outcome. 

Source: Cupcake Core Sampling 

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