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Monday, May 21, 2012

Bacon in the Oven

I am still learning how to use my kitchen appliances. Perhaps it will be a life-long lesson that I learn. I had just perfected making crispy bacon in the microwave, and then it died. Are you seeing a trend here in my appliances? It's starting to upset me. I still wanted to be able to provide bacon on the mornings, but I am the worst ever at skillet bacon. I lack that gene...I swear. So I researched my next best option - bacon in the oven. 

Place bacon in single layer on aluminum foil in a regular temperature oven. I do repeat - do not preheat the oven. Or it will not work. And the bacon police will come after you. They don't take kindly to rebels around these here parts. 

Close the oven door and set the oven to bake at 400 degrees. And for goodness sake, do not open the oven. Again...rebels are not welcome here. 

And set the timer for 20 minutes. If you do not have a fancy stove with a timer, use your cell phone, egg timer, or the large not-working-microwave-shaped timer since that's the only thing it's good for. Sorry...I'm still bitter. 

Next, find something else to do. Fold some laundry, organize your DVD collection, or read a book on your Kindle/Nook/eReader of your choosing. You can see what I opted for as a distraction for the little one demanding his crispy bacon...actually, he said kiss-pee bay-con, pwease Mummy. Sorry buddy, Mommy just can't win these days. 

And there you have it...bacon in the oven. Now get out there and enjoy your little one while he stuffs his face. Maybe look through the circulars for microwaves that are on sale. 

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