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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meal Plan

Make lots of cookies or the tongs get it.
Actually, DJ is fascinated by Despicable Me. He uses the tongs as a claw and runs around the house yelling, "Oh yeah!"
Did I ever tell you about my last science conference trip to Philly in 2010? I received a text message with one of my favorite pots with an indecipherable black material at the bottom. It was carrots with a very good intention - put in a mixture of butter and brown sugar. Left at way too high of heat for a very long time. Very. Long. Time. I'm talking forgotten about until smoke started to pour out of the kitchen. Caramelization? Check and then some!             

With my upcoming trip to Indy right around the corner, I have begun to think about what the poor little ones that will be left behind will eat. With them in mind, I plan to make a few different freezable meals this week - eat half now and freeze the other half with directions on cooking for easy dinner making. 

I have no idea what order these are going to be made in, but here's the rough menu for the week. I know that it seems like an awful lot of food for the few days that I'll be gone - but having some meals to use when I come back will be such a lifesaver. 

...and because I don't want my tongs to get it, I'm going to have a couple of cookie recipes to share with you too. I will bake some and freeze for my students to bake for a fundraiser they are having when I'm out of town. Stay turned and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

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