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About Me

Hello there! My name is Lisa. I am the mind behind Tastetastic Voyage. I am almost thirty and live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. 

I am a former teacher that is looking for their niche in life, and happened to fall in love with food. Ok, more like head-over-heels-coo-coo-crazy in love with food. Perhaps my favorite part of teaching math and science was the ability to use food. 

I have a little one that is the light of my life. DJ is my little man that is almost four years old and I love working with him in the kitchen. He's my sous chef, taste taster, whisker, mixer, spreader, and makes sure to always play hide-the-tongs with mommy. I may have two different pizza cutters floating somewhere around the house. It used to be three, but one appeared in the dish drain one day. 

The food that I make comes from different sources of inspiration: friends, other food blogs, cookbooks, online recipe databases, hours of Food Network, and family tradition. 
Just a few books in my massive cookbook collection. 

I will never forget several dates in my life thus far, one of those being June 23, 2008. I stood in the kitchen, newly married, having no idea what to do. I had become interested in cooking and the kitchen and made a few simple dishes while living with my parents, but found myself with the daunting task of being the person to provide sustenance for my family. Right there and then is when I started my journey. 

I learned my way around through plenty of trial and error. I did it all for my family, to provide nourishment and delicious treats for them. Now, I enjoy being in the kitchen and love learning new recipes and techniques. 

Passion for Food, Nutrition, and Education
NSTA scholarship recipients 2012
In October of 2009, I was selected for a scholarship to attend the National Science Teacher Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On a whim, and for a free dinner, our scholarship team decided to attend a session for FoodMASTERS. The program blends math and science with awesome resources and materials for teachers to discuss health and nutrition in their classroom. And there was free food. Always a bonus. I took back the classroom materials and used them in my room. If there was one way to get my students talking and interested, it was with food. 

About Tastetastic Voyage

I started this blog as a hobby in December of 2010 after the loss of my wonderful Grandfather (Poppa). What a handsome man he was. Being in the kitchen played a large part in helping me to cope with the loss. I picked the name to reflect the journey that I am on as a cook and baker. I hope to provide others with simple and tasty recipes that give them a sense of accomplishment. 
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