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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Every Science Nerd's Fantasy

Mayim Bialik aka Blossom aka Amy Farrah Fowler
Hello lady and gentledude readers. It has been rather quiet on the posting front lately, but I'm so excited to be back with a dependable, functioning laptop (finally). I have been in Indianapolis for the National Science Teacher Association conference. I'd like to share the highlights of the trip with you in pictures. 
My wonderful roommates. We endured trains shaking our room at all hours of the morning. 
When planning, we should have been a little more forward thinking and checked the reviews.
This particular morning, there had been four trains that night - which is quite apparent from the
horrible undereye circles on all of us.  
I made really cool things like crazy genetic freak of nature creatures. Mine did not last long in a game of Survivor. It's short legs and short arms did not help it survive any. It's antenna was quite impressive though. 

Most of the time at night was spent planinng the next day's sessions. Yes, that is a homemade clay mask on my nose. Don't judge me.

And for the best part of the trip, Mayim Bialik (think Blossom and Big Bang Theory) was there to complete activities using the TInspire. She is their spokesperson. 
They ripped on Bill Nye, who happened to be in the audience. 
She answered the question that I submitted for a question and answer session.  To the winner went...
an autographed TInspire graphing calculator...that I will be putting in a glass case along with the picture of Mayim and I.

As someone that didn't want the Big Bang Theory at first because I really didn't agree with Penny being the only female whose character is...nicely put, a ditz. When Mayim joined the cast, I was so glad to see that they leveled the playing field with some successful female scientists. It truly is a trip that I will never forget. 

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  1. Ah Amy Farrah Fowler! I've just gotten into Big Bang and have wondered what took me so long!!


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